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Here at Genie General Construction, we handle every aspect of your project. Our scope covers concept creation, designing, and forming a blueprint. Other activities, such as; finances, materials procurement, labor, and project management, are also our responsibility. All of which we sort out before the actual construction begins.

After setting up the pre-construction processes, we begin to construct, removing the earth from the ground to build the foundation of the building. During some of these processes, we collaborate with experts in each field for excellent results. We can undertake construction for different purposes, including residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects.


Are you in the process of undertaking a remodeling project in Los Angeles? And you require a competent company to handle it. Our company does a great job with interior and exterior painting. Complete any home repairs such as dock, floor joist, rafter, sill, and anything else that needs attention.

We also add new structures, such as fireplaces, outdoor garages, bathrooms, and porches. In some cases, we can provide precise replacements for irreparable portions. Genie will give your project the full attention it mandates and immediately rectifies any alterations you desire.


Electrical installation involves running electric wire cables, switches, outlets, and fixtures around the building to provide electricity for safe use. With an emphasis on the safety of occupants, other provisions include insulating materials to eliminate any contact with raw current.

So, after erecting the building structure, our electrical engineers lay the wires according to an already prepared layout. At this point, rough electrical work is being done, to be completed later when the building’s skeleton and wiring have been covered.

This approach is employed to ensure a neat job. After the rough work concludes, the regular construction continues, including the wall boarding, insulation, and others.


Our team is perfectly skilled at laying tiles, and the results will surely please you. This aspect of interior decorating requires expert hands and a mind for aesthetics, which our company is confident of providing.

With our knowledge of the different types of tiles, like flooring, roofing, partition, and wall tiles, we will deliver based on the surface you prefer. Apart from the surface of the application, we consult you on the type of tiles you want based on material and manufacture.

However, there are only two available choices, porcelain, and ceramic tiles, of which there are subtypes of ceramic tiles. Examples of these subtypes are terracotta, glazed tiles, stoneware, and fully vitrified tiles. From these and more, our company is to make your interior and exterior as pleasing as possible.


Drywall is known as wall boarding, custard board, sheet board, and others. A drywall is simply gypsum sandwiched between two papers. We use drywalls in interior construction since most people prefer this walling method, mainly because; they are cost-effective and quick to install.

The surface of drywalls can be customized with various textures and colors to match your taste. The wall can be cut and fitted into desirable shapes and locations; this increases its usability.

Another reason we use drywall is that while manufacturing, additives are used, which reduce flammability, mildew, and water absorption. We have trained personnel who pay special attention to setting up the drywall effectively.


Windows are the vented barriers that have functions and add beauty to a building. Their functions include ventilation, views, and security. It is our business to implement this vital function of the window in any project because we are most intentional about client satisfaction.

We define the number and position of windows right from the blueprint stage. And since our focus is the client, we deem it important to show this to the project owner before construction begins. So, any alterations can be made before the mortar touches the brick.

We work to construct a window capable of withstanding the rigors of weather and threatening situations. We use different kinds of applications for various buildings, even during renovation and additions.


Flooring is put in place after the roof is active as protection from elements that could prove destructive. Flooring is not simply to have the firmness to stand on; we see it as an aspect of construction to accentuate the overall aesthetics. The different types of flooring our company offer depend on the space, the volume of movement, the purpose of the area, and your funding.

Some types of flooring are laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, carpeting, ceramic tiling, porcelain tiling, hardwood flooring, stone flooring, and bamboo flooring. With these many options, we desire your satisfaction above all else. So, we depend on your preference to present you with the best possible ideas.


We attend to the roofing after the rough electrical and plumbing work. Our professional roofers inspect the structure of the building to ensure it can bear the weight of the roofing. Before any additional work within the building, the roofing must be installed early to prevent natural elements like rain from wreaking havoc on any ongoing work.

Because roofing is such a crucial aspect of construction, the need for getting the best roofing materials, such as shingles, tiles, metal, and others, cannot be understated. Also, the materials used depend on the type of roof chosen and the actual requirements of the building itself.

Our professionals are knowledgeable about every recent style and concept of roofing. And we understand the need to deliver durable roofing here in Los Angeles, CA.

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